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Ldra License Agreement

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41 FlexLM Licensing Troubleshooting Cannot Open Lock File (LDRA) Can`t open a lock file (C:FLEXLM-LDRA): Multiple “LDRA” Authorization License server systems if you receive the above error messages in the ldra.log and no other LDRA FlexLM server will run, the error is caused by the change in the repertory structure of the FlexLM tools. The log file above displays the error “No more because another server has been run”, in which case no other server is run, and the reason is that the structure of the directories C:-FlexLM-LDRA-FTYPE was to solve this problem, make sure that the directory structure is indicated as in the Zip archive: The FlexLM directory can be a sub-repertory, there can be no sub-repertory. The structure of the directories C:`FlexLM`LDRA`FlexLM`FTYPE` is invalid z.B. If you have to distinguish FlexLM directories for each manufacturer, drop the folder with the manufacturer`s prefix or with a “Vendors” directory. The structure of the C:`FlexLM`LDRA_FLEXLM FTYPE directories is valid. The C:-FlexLM-VENDORS-LDRA-FTYPE directory structure is valid LDRA Ltd. User Manual 39 If access from another site is not shown in Schedule (s), a license upgrade with multiple locations is required to allow users of another site to use the software. On .dem the licensee will refund the fee for all or the hurtful part of the software. (a) “agreement” and/or “license,” these terms and conditions as well as all schedule licenses, off-site Contractor Addendum (s) and additional licenses; which are either added in the agreed manner, or added later, or supplemented as relatively, including, but not limited, to the retractable wrap, wrap, click-wrap or click-through licenses that accompany software, products, services or other material provided under this Agreement. 7 FlexLM Licensing Introduction FAQ Q. How does the FlexLM license server work? one. The license server is linked to a specific computer, it is the computer on which the license server application is run. The license server can only be run on this computer.

However, access to licenses can be accessed via a network.

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