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Psac Collective Agreement Disability

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PSAC and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) today signed the new collective agreement, which was ratified by PSAC-UTE members on September 29. The contract includes approximately 27,500 federal public service employees. PSAC has now signed collective agreements for nearly 120,000 federal public service employees. The purpose of this notice is to provide information on disability benefit adjustments, collective agreements that were negotiated in the 2014 round of negotiations (wave 1) and adjustments to the latest wave of collective agreements negotiated so far in the 2018 round of negotiations (wave two) for eligible plan members , in Dener, are related to Sun Life Financial`s (Sun Life) disability benefits under the Disability Insurance Plan (DI). For plan members who received their first payment on or after their revised salary rate came into effect, Sun Life compares the employment classification plan member information with the salary information contained in their new collective agreement. Sun Life applies the new retroactive salary to determine the revised disability benefit of the plan member. Sun Life has now launched a second-wave project to implement adjustments for eligible members that will be covered by the new 2018 collective agreements. As new agreements will be concluded as part of the 2018 cycle, these adjustments will be added to wave two for eligible members. “It is also important to note that federal disability rights are only allowed if a worker has not been medically able to work for at least 13 weeks, or if the sick leave is in progress, depending on the latest date.” According to new data from the National Joint Council for Disability Insurance, mental illness claims in 2018 accounted for 52% of the disability insurance entitlements allowed for federal public servants. Please keep your contact information up-to-date through the members portal to continue to obtain information on the implementation of collective agreements and the Phoenix comparison.

Employees with long-term disability coverage under the Utility Management Insurance Plan (PSMIP) will receive similar performance adjustments from Industrial Alliance, the insurer for the PSMIP, as soon as the first measures of this plan are finalized in 2020. Please read the PSMIP services and the current information release on wage agreements. The formal signing of the contract means that new contractual conditions are in effect.

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