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Repackaging Agreement

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Questions about the reconditioning contract made available to you by the manufacturer (including questions about approved, accepted containers or written instructions regarding cleaning containers) should be addressed to your local seller. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) is the federal authority that receives the pesticide regulatory authority in U.S. EPA regulations, which allows manufacturers to enter into contracts with distributors/contractors for the reconditioning of pesticide products. A distributor/contractor who repackages, sells and markets a repackaged pesticide without a written warrant from the manufacturer is considered to be the distribution of an unregant pesticide and would be subject to enforcement action and would stop sales orders. Distributors/contractors who repack the pesticides must strictly verify, understand and comply with the manufacturer`s reconditioning contract. The contract must be up-to-date. In all cases, when repackaging pesticides, the containers must meet the requirements of the reconditioning contract and the list of acceptable containers and refillable containers must be cleaned and filled in accordance with the manufacturer`s written instructions. Anyone involved in pesticide repackaging must meet the following requirements: this information was provided by the MDA to provide guidance to those who repackage pesticides in their facilities. These guidelines are intended to complement federal and regional legislation, not to replace them.

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