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The Nice Agreement

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. Information on goods or services in class positions is general information on the areas to which goods or services normally belong. The alphabetical list should therefore be consulted to determine the exact classification of each product or service. . Expenditures are published and generally come into effect every five years. Each new edition of the classification contains all the amendments and amendments adopted each year by the expert committee throughout the five-year period. “change,” any transfer of goods or services from one class to another or the creation of a new class. In order to keep the Nice classification up to date, it is constantly revised. A new edition is published every five years and, since 2013, a new version of each issue is published every year.

The review will be carried out by the expert committee set up as part of the Nice Agreement. All States Parties to the Convention are members of the Expert Committee. . “NCLPub” is the latest official online publication of the Nice classification. At the beginning of 2013, it was live. It contains the current version of the classification as well as links to previous editions. Class 7 Machinery and machine tools; engines and engines (excluding land-based vehicles); Machine clutch and transmission components (excluding land-based vehicles); Agricultural equipment that is not hand-operated; Egg incubators; Class 6 Automatic Machines Ordinary Metals and Their Alloys, Ere; metal materials for construction and construction; transportable metal buildings; metal materials for railways; Cables and non-electric wires made of ordinary metal; Hardware, small pieces of metal material; Metal tubes and pipes; metal containers for storage or transport; chests; Minerals. Class 41 of education; Providing training Entertainment sports and cultural activities of the 32 beer class; mineral and airy water and other non-alcoholic beverages; drinks and fruit juices; Syrup and other preparations for making beverages. Yes, yes. Classes may be added to the application prior to brand advertising, provided that the declaration of goods or services is not greater than the declaration of products or services contained in the application at the time of filing.

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