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What Is A Pre Contract Credit Agreement

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the risk to the customer resulting from the credit (the higher the total cost of credit relative to the customer`s financial situation), the higher the total cost of credit;4 The bank has the right to require additional guarantees if the borrower`s ability to pay has deteriorated or if its financial obligations have been significantly increased (see item 16 of the agreement). If the additional guarantee is not provided, the Bank has the right to demand an early repayment of the loan (see point 19 of the agreement). Even if a customer indicates or implies that a declaration of the regulated credit contract is not necessary, the lender or credit broker must continue to comply with CONC 4.2.5 R. 1. Amount and currency of the loan requested (see point 1.1 of the agreement) for a real estate credit contract that would refinance an existing real estate credit contract and also involve an increase in unpaid capital, and if another option might be to enter into a separate home credit contract with the lender on the amount of the additional principal loan, the information includes , if applicable, an explanation of the difference between the weekly amount payable and the total amount, which can be repaid for a refinanced loan compared to the situation in which the borrower takes out a separate and simultaneous loan. If the normal period after which the next payment is due is not weekly but another delay, the lender must refer to that other period7. Failure to comply with disclosure rules results in agreements against a borrower or tenant (as defined in the CCA) being enforceable only with a court order, and enforcement to that end involves the recapture of property or property. to whom the agreement relates. When the contract is carried out by collateral, the bank has the right to request the sale of the object as a pledge by mutual consent or by enforced execution at a public auction. Proceeds from the sale will cover the bank`s receivables and the costs associated with the sale of the mortgaged object, including any legal and legal costs. After the satisfaction of all receivables and expenses related to the sale of the mortgaged object, the balance is paid to the pfandgor.

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